Rent a Aston Martin Vanquish S

Among the Aston Martin for rent in our catalog , Vanquish S occupies a prominent place . This is the sports version of the DB9 already renowned for its performance . They are further improved in this model and the exterior was also modified to accentuate the sporty side . If you are in Paris or in the South – East of France , do not hesitate to call our team of Paris or Annecy to book this legendary vehicle for a day , a week, etc …

  1. Type COUPE
  2. Seats 2
  3. Power 576 hp
  4. Transmission Propulsion
  • Day price (200 kms) 2 400€
  • 3 days (600 km) 6 480€
  • Price for 7 days (1400 kms) 12 090€
  • Month (3000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km 6,0€
  • Day price (100kms) 1 920€
  • Price for 3 days (300 kms) 5 184€
  • Price for 7 days (700kms)9 672€
  • Month (2000km)Sur devis
  • Additional km4,8€
  • Minimum age 30 years
  • Driving licence 5 years
  • Hight franchise 27 000€
  • Repurchase franchise 240€/day
  • Reduced franchise 16 200€

Aston Martin Vanquish S Rental

This coupe 2 places among the vehicles driven by James Bond. It appears in several of them and thus enters into the category of legendary cars of the famous English manufacturer. beautiful sports enthusiasts will be attentive to the details of the body mainly composed of carbon fiber and its front and rear that give it more sporty than the original model, the Vanquish S.

Our offices in Paris and Annecy proposes to rent an Aston Martin DBS for all types of occasions whether professional or personal (marriage, weekends, holidays, etc).

La version sportive de la Vanquish S : puissance et design au rendez-vous

DBS’s performance is largely up to the sporting side claimed for this model. Its V12 engine has an output of 517 horsepower (against 477 for the DB9). This car has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 307km / h. It has a manual transmission with six reports to intensify the feel of driving a sports car.

It’ll just make you happy by renting an Aston Martin DBS from one of our offices in France (Paris and Annecy).

Vanquish S

Motor V12
Transmission Propulsion
Engine 5935 cm3
Power 576 hp
Maximum torque 630 Nm au régime de 5500 tr/min
0 to 100 km/h 3,8 sec
Vitesse maximum 324 km/H
Seats 2

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