Since 2008

Let us tell you a story, a beautiful adventure that started in 2008, with two passionate people at the helm. In order for a viable project to emerge from a desire, it must be carried by people who are both invested and rooted in the field concerned. This is the case for the founders of LUXURY CLUB who, from their passion, have been able to extract the nectar to offer it to their customers.


This is the case for the founders of Luxury Club who, from their passion, have been able to extract the nectar to offer it to their customers.

So it was in 2008 that Nicolas and Florent joined forces, eager to create a company where luxury and adrenaline would be at the centre of the activity. And it is no coincidence that the two partners launched into this activity. In fact, it’s a matter of course: to create a company whose DNA would reflect the passion that drives them.

On the one hand, Nicolas brings his know-how in yacht charter. On the other hand, Florent, passionate about luxury cars, brings his knowledge of the prestige car sector. Together, they federate a whole team of professionals from various horizons with one common thread: to offer the best possible service on land or on the sea.

Luxury Club has at its heart to provide its customers with a tailor-made solution, personalised as desired. It is a question of responding to a wide range of issues, with responsiveness and imagination, while placing the world of luxury as an obvious solution. It must be said that the founders of the brand are themselves aware of the prestige transport they are particularly fond of.

They rely on the best in this field to meet the most acute requirements of their customers. Their knowledge of the sector makes them particularly attentive to changes in the ranges, which enables them to have a rental fleet at the cutting edge of innovation.

They are thus able to guarantee a 5-star service whatever the situation they are faced with. In 2016, the duo of partners becomes a trio as Jean-Marc joins the team. With his past as a competitor (he took part in the Andros Trophy in 2004) and his solid management experience gained through his position as Director of ITW Europe, Jean-Marc brings his seasoned eye to Luxury Club.

Together, the three partners have a wide range of skills that give LUXURY CLUB the impetus to innovate every day. Today, in 2017, the founders of LUXURY CLUB are delighted to see how much their initial passion has grown and has enabled them to solve many problems.

Beyond the pure tailor-made service, the LUXURY CLUB team lends an attentive ear to requests in order to find the prestigious solution that will meet the need. Thus, the company satisfies various profiles; from the customer who needs a comfortable solution aboard a chauffeur-driven sedan to the adrenaline junkie who dreams of a break at the wheel of a Lamborghini: everything is possible.

This is the essence of LUXURY CLUB: to offer each customer a relevant solution according to his or her initial problem or why not go outside the comfort zone and try out sensations that are still unexperienced?