Rent a Aston Martin DB9

If you rent an Aston Martin, the choice of a DB9 is perfect to satisfy your cravings power while driving a car whose design was particularly worked . Driving comfort of such a vehicle is very significant. Renting a Aston Martin DB9 allows luxury car enthusiasts have a good time full of sensations , whether driving or passengers. This coupe 4 places is one of the most popular cars of fans of the British brand .

  • Day price (200 kms) 1 140€
  • 3 days (600 km) 2 910€
  • Price for 7 days (1400 kms) 5 980€
  • Month (3000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km 4,2€
  • Day price (100kms) 912€
  • Price for 3 days (300 kms) 2 328€
  • Price for 7 days (700kms)4 784€
  • Month (2000km)Sur Devis
  • Additional km2,4€
  2. Seats 2+2
  3. Power 477hp
  4. Transmission Propulsion
  • Minimum age +30 years
  • Driving licence 5 years
  • Hight franchise 10 000€
  • Repurchase franchise 114€/day
  • Reduced franchise 6 000€

Aston Martin DB9 Rental

Renting an Aston Martin DB9 is a pleasure for auto enthusiasts. If you live in Paris or need to go there for professional or personal reasons, feel free to contact our Paris office if you need a car for the time of a day or several days to hire this luxury car . Our team will be happy to book you this top model so you can enjoy a total driving comfort.

A vehicle Grand refined and powerful Tourism

Aston Martins are true legends in the automotive industry, but also cinephile. They are associated with the British class: powerful but still refined car in which every detail is important. The DB9 is no exception to that reputation with its V12 engine of 477 horses. It can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 306 km / h.

But in addition to its impressive performance, it is characterized by a very neat design. The choice of materials (leather and wood) provides plenty of refinement inside the vehicle. Changes made to the exterior of the car compared to previous models a sporty look while respecting the codes dear to the English manufacturer.


Motor V12
Transmission Propulsion
Engine 5935 cm3
Power 477hp
Maximum torque 600 Nm à 5000 tr/min
0 to 100 km/h 4,8 sec
Vitesse maximum 306 km/H
Seats 2+2

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    Tarifs haute saison

    Tarifs basse saison

    day 1 140 € (200 km)912€ € (100 km)
    3 jours2 910 € (600 km)912 € (450 km)
    7 jours5 980 € (1 400 km)4 784 € (700 km)
    MoisSur devis (3 000 km)Sur Devis (2 000 km)

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