Rent a Porsche Panamera

Rent a Porsche Panamera

Like nice cars but prefer the comfort of sedans for your holiday or a business trip ? Renting a Porsche Panamera is ideal for you. You will have the pleasure to ride in a luxury sedan that maintains the normal lines of the German manufacturer models, particularly at the front of the vehicle.

  • Day price (200 kms) 1 095€
  • 3 days (600 km) 2 785€
  • Price for 7 days (1400 kms) 5 730€
  • Month (3000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km 4,0€
  • Day price (100kms) 876€
  • Price for 3 days (300 kms) 2 228€
  • Price for 7 days (700kms)4 584€
  • Month (2000km)Sur devis
  • Additional km1,6€
  1. Type BERLINE
  2. Seats 4
  3. Power 440hp
  4. Transmission Intégrale
  • Minimum age 25 years
  • Driving licence 3 years
  • Hight franchise 15 000€
  • Repurchase franchise 110€/day
  • Reduced franchise 9 000€

Porsche Panamera rental

This car can be rented in our agencies Paris, Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry and Geneva for a day, several days, a week or a month. It is also possible to book a driver to take you on the go during your stay. All our drivers are experienced and demonstrate great discretion. If you prefer to drive, you will have the same driving experience as if you were driving a sports car. That’s the magic of this luxury car model. The controls on the dashboard are easy to reach and use. The interior has been designed to provide great comfort to all passengers. 4 seats are spacious so that each ride on either a source of pleasure.

One of the flagship models of the German manufacturer

The Porsche Panamera surprised when it came out. It did not fit the typical model of the German manufacturer is more used to cut. The arrival of this sedan high-end in the catalog of the brand enabled it to reach new markets. But a sedan can be very powerful and it is the case of the Panamera and its 400 horsepower. With acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, she was not ashamed of its performance against other models of the German mark.


Motor V6
Transmission Intégrale
Engine 2894 cm3
Power 440hp
Maximum torque 550 Nm au régime de 1750 tr/min
0 to 100 km/h 5,1 sec
Vitesse maximum 289 km/H
Seats 4

Luxury rentals in Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monaco

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    Tarifs haute saison

    Tarifs basse saison

    day 1 095 € (200 km)876€ € (100 km)
    3 jours2 785 € (600 km)876 € (450 km)
    7 jours5 730 € (1 400 km)4 584 € (700 km)
    MoisSur devis (3 000 km)Sur devis (2 000 km)

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